søndag 19. oktober 2014


Still working on the antennas on the ground..
Possibly... getting them up tomorrow.
All bolts will be re-secured - all support-wire locks will be re-checked and attaching a support bolt for the Azimut rotator(to stop any potential unexpected turns in the wind):

Planning to attach the coax via the support boom for the upper antennas.
Lower antennas is on the antenna boom.

After checking - A1(upper left) has same SWR both when the W103 cable is on the antenna boom or is attached under on the under-boom.
So, I will reattach it back - and put it on under-boom.
Then the cable is following the H-Frame and not crossing the directors.

SWR plots.. A1, B1(lower left), C1 and D1

more to come..


Per Ragnar

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