onsdag 29. oktober 2014

lørdag 25. oktober 2014

More adjustments done

Homemade Wrench pole.
Hard Work, Hi Hi.. 

Almost set. I believe all fine adjustments are done now.
Just one beam left to mount.
Will wait until after tomorrow.
Wind is coming - so, waiting for better WX Conds is better.

cosy... :-)

torsdag 23. oktober 2014

IC-9100, internal USB soundcard and PTT TX in WSJT

CAT7200 - originally created for IC-7200 to enable PTT via CI-V for RTS(request to send)
Reported to be working for Icom IC-7100.

I could not find any reports for it to work on IC-9100.
In Win2k8.1 I'm able to transmit in WSJT, WSPR, wsprx and wsjtx2.

Makes things so easy, when internally USB soundcard in the radio can be used.

Follow this to get it going:

Great stuff, John!

onsdag 22. oktober 2014

USB interface HRD and IC-9100

How to get TX/RX via USB using an IC-9100 and Ham Radio Delux >5.x

  • Install the USB driver from Icom first... then attach the radio.
  • Get your HRD up and running via USB-Serial(speed: 9600).
  • Choose your soundcard for TX/RX in DM780(in Win8.1: USB Audio CODEC)
  • For PTT - choose "via Ham Radio Deluxe - DM780 must be connected to HRD)
  • To make PTT work - assign TX button in DM780 to the physical TX button on the radio.

Voila !

Have fun!

mandag 20. oktober 2014

Heavy stuff to do alone...

Hope for no rain tomorrow....
The rest will then be set.

Pretty heavy for the rotor to lift just 2 antennas on the H-Frame.
Weight balance in the frame will be much better when the 2 lower OWL's are set.



søndag 19. oktober 2014


Still working on the antennas on the ground..
Possibly... getting them up tomorrow.
All bolts will be re-secured - all support-wire locks will be re-checked and attaching a support bolt for the Azimut rotator(to stop any potential unexpected turns in the wind):

Planning to attach the coax via the support boom for the upper antennas.
Lower antennas is on the antenna boom.

After checking - A1(upper left) has same SWR both when the W103 cable is on the antenna boom or is attached under on the under-boom.
So, I will reattach it back - and put it on under-boom.
Then the cable is following the H-Frame and not crossing the directors.

SWR plots.. A1, B1(lower left), C1 and D1

more to come..


Per Ragnar

tirsdag 14. oktober 2014


Ready to mount 2 antennas on top of the H-frame.
Rain is stopping me..

Look at the nest...

- myPost


søndag 12. oktober 2014

Today's business....

VHF 4-way splitter, superAmp, 70cm X-Quad and cables in place.
So, 70cm ready for testing...

M4 x 50mm A4 x 16 needed to start serious OWL testing.
Those bolts are hard to get in A4..
Trying again tomorrow...
Würth may have it.. £25.00...

- myPost


lørdag 11. oktober 2014

Still going on..

Missing some washers and bolts to get the beams ready for mounting.
Have to do some shopping..

Adjusting for best SWR
Cable will be on top of the boom for the 2 antennas below.
2 Top antennas will have the feed going via the supportboom.

All antennas done
3 to go for finetuning.
RigExpert AA-170 is a great tool for the job.

Support bar in place

Just found a good spot for the splitter.
Since my Wimo 70cm X-Quad is also getting up there, adjustments are needed.

The OWL's are a bit heavy in the back.
So, to have the X-Quad to balance the weight on the rotor boom is not a bad idea.. I think....

Total weight of the antennas and frame is around 36Kg.
Rotor itself is about 10Kg.

The PreAmp's(SP-2000/SP-7000) also have some weight - and will be mounted just below the rotor.
They are beeing powered by sequencers.

All cables are Westflex 103.

- myPost


fredag 10. oktober 2014

So far, so good...

Next up is to install support boom and 4x splitter.

Will be interesting how to mount the antennas.
I might have to lift the mast after mounting the 2 OWL's on the Top of the frame..

- myPost


torsdag 9. oktober 2014

Rotor support bar up..

Started on my H-frame...
Rain cought me up again...
Next will be connecting Right and Left bars.

- myPost