lørdag 11. oktober 2014

Still going on..

Missing some washers and bolts to get the beams ready for mounting.
Have to do some shopping..

Adjusting for best SWR
Cable will be on top of the boom for the 2 antennas below.
2 Top antennas will have the feed going via the supportboom.

All antennas done
3 to go for finetuning.
RigExpert AA-170 is a great tool for the job.

Support bar in place

Just found a good spot for the splitter.
Since my Wimo 70cm X-Quad is also getting up there, adjustments are needed.

The OWL's are a bit heavy in the back.
So, to have the X-Quad to balance the weight on the rotor boom is not a bad idea.. I think....

Total weight of the antennas and frame is around 36Kg.
Rotor itself is about 10Kg.

The PreAmp's(SP-2000/SP-7000) also have some weight - and will be mounted just below the rotor.
They are beeing powered by sequencers.

All cables are Westflex 103.

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