torsdag 28. april 2016


1st place in Norway for SO LP All Bands

International EME Contest 2015

So, there wasn't many acting in EME contest 2015 from Norway... :-)

The 2-meter EME array is for sale.
2-meter band is too noisy to work at this QTH. 

Regarding to noise, the array is very good compared to my new 13-element.
But, not good enough for EME... too bad...

fredag 15. april 2016

QRV from Torsetlia

Weekend at seminar...

Radio came along...
Noiselevel always has to be checked..

Crazy shit...
QRV, and it works great...

torsdag 14. april 2016

tirsdag 5. april 2016

QRV from Lofoten with new(old) AV-18AVT antenna

I have removed the MFJ-2990 antenna and replaced with a Hygain AV-18AVT.
The MFJ was bent about 8 degrees, so it was not a pretty sight.

So, for the summer The Hygain will stand tall, and I will decide what's up for next winter..

QRV from Lofoten..

Nice WX last weekend..