søndag 9. desember 2018

Reciving satellite TLM today

Received 1k2 BPSK via Icom IC-9100 in USB at 145.935MHz today.. 

Running an Yaesu G-5500 controller. 
PstRotator software controlled by SatPC32 v12.8d.
Easy Rotor controller: ERC-M for G-5500.

onsdag 23. mai 2018

SMP-MAY Contest 2018

Enjoyed great conditions during the contest.

Lovely weather, also...

tirsdag 1. mai 2018


I'm able to run DigiMode at 2 QTH's at the same time.
Thanks for that, JTDX :-)

søndag 15. april 2018

lørdag 31. mars 2018

QRV from JP32

Also confirmed 3C0W...

Very happy to be able to put up antennas here! 
I’m lucky!

Running FT-817nd with 40Watt on HF.
Cannot use the Amp on 6-meters.. 
So, I’m QRV on six, but QRP... 🤓

End Fed multiband antenna..

Works great as an travel/portable antenna.

Buddipole 6-meter kit.

A few pings via MS🤪😀

torsdag 8. mars 2018

3C3W in the log

I'm happy....
And it was quite easy to work them too.. all worked the same day
I would like to make it on 30 and 40 - so we'll see..

søndag 25. februar 2018

QRV from Skeikampen

AlexLoop working fine...

HomeMade 20-meter vertical working very well.
1:1 SWR..

tirsdag 20. februar 2018

Alexloop VS Buddipole

It was great conditions at 17-meter today.

I tuned up the Buddipole at 17-meter - also using the balun 1:2-setting.
This took the SWR down to 1.1.

Listening to FT8 at 18.100 there was not much difference between the two antennas.
The Alexloop was quiter on the band.
So, next is to setup the antennas in the garden when the 4 ft. of snow is melted away..

So, for working QRP at hotels - Alexloop is perfect.
Having a balcony some sort of - I would choose the Buddipole.
The Buddipole can take 100Watts+ but max 20W SSB through the Alexloop.