onsdag 18. desember 2013


Homemade unun 9:1 :-)

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lørdag 16. november 2013

EME - 6el LFA - it's possible... !

Had my first received EME signal decoded today..
This is the guy I heard -

Stig's EME log during 3period of ARRL EME contest:

Quite simple setup here - so I need to build on my setup.
So, I will wait for best "take off" and try my 100Watts from TS-2000 into the antenna.
I'm lucky - I'll make my day!
393k KM is quite a distance to reach out with my tiny signal..
Wish me luck, this won't be easy!

tirsdag 29. oktober 2013

Shack updated

G-5500 is not yet calibrated.
ERC-M is calibrated...

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lørdag 26. oktober 2013

One step further..

Ready to verify :-)

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torsdag 24. oktober 2013

torsdag 17. oktober 2013

tirsdag 8. oktober 2013


The shack

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Look what I found in the barn in Lofoten...
Fritzel FB53 with 40-meter kit.
I def. need a mast!

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torsdag 26. september 2013


Getting ready to build my ERC-M rotor interface to control my Yaesu G-5500 rotor.

First setup will be 2m/70cm quads for Satellite.

EME - maybe later.
Need to document how often it's possible to work the moon with a EME set here at my QTH.

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tirsdag 10. september 2013

QRV in Leknes, Lofoten Islands - EU-076

My remoteRIG station is QRV in Lofoten Islands.

First day gave me 2 new DXCC's.
It seems like the Rig is doing i fine job.

Hopefully I will se you on the bands.

Best regards


torsdag 25. juli 2013

Summervacation - testing Winlink

Testing Winlink HF email and position reports system.
Working very well - and so far only used 80 and 40 meters.
I'm also at APRS - http://aprs.fi/la7dha-8
APRS coverage is not the best out here.

I'm QRV at 3710 10:00/22:00.
Hopefully I can have a few QSO's on HF also during our trip.

This is Kosterhavn.
Beautiful place when wind is calm.
Depth is only 5meters and we have trolled out about 20meters of chain.

73's de la7dha

søndag 19. mai 2013

QRP today...

With my "Sandy antenna" Par EF-10-20-40 I'm QRV from the terrace. Nice weather also. I found 3 switch mode psu's in the house making noise.
They are turned of for the moment...
New ones has to be invested in...

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onsdag 17. april 2013

QRV Remote Rig.

I have brought a few radios with me.
Remote Rig is done via internet to the radio placed in our sailboat.
The antenna is a 20m backstay With an Icom AH-4 antenna tuner.
I tried to use my end-fed antenna for QRP with my FT-817 out of the hotel window from 8th floor.
Did not work very well.
I'm also QRV via D-Star vi local repeater and via DV-dongle and raspberry pi at the North Norway room.

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Location:Am Kronberger Hang,Kronberg im Taunus,Germany

tirsdag 26. mars 2013


My first FreeDV contact - F6EMT - Marc near Paris
Good site to check who's online and available:

Signal was about 14 - and 1 - 4SNR
Great potential - but not really a QRP mode - yet.. :-)
    This is how the new 1600 mode looks like:

1400-mode needs much better signal. Even with 7-9S it's a real nut to crack.. :-)
This is how old 1400 V0.91 mode looks like:

tirsdag 12. februar 2013

WSPR 1W @ 20m

New modes for the FT-817 usage.. 

Antenna is the 3el. Mini Beam from Mosley at 20m.

lørdag 9. februar 2013

This weekend I have played QRP :-)

The FT-817 does a great job at 5 Watts.
The beam does also make it easier, but I believe a good dipole would have done the same job.
Mostly QSO's on 20, 17 and 15 and my vertical is usually doing better on 20 than the beam.
Yesterday I mounted the 2700mAh battery in the Yaesu. Should make my portable runtime a bit longer.
Also, my 7Ah Gel battery will extend it even further.
Radio suitcase starting to get heavy.... :-)

I made a interface cable and got the SignaLink USB on the air.
Works as a sharm, and doing PSK via an MiniPC works great.
So, I'm ready to go out in Portable Land when weather is warmer.
Today - -11C, so I'm not that cheerful for that.. 

The complete setup:

torsdag 24. januar 2013

Noticed a bad issue with Sony PC Companion - latest version and a Sony Xperia mobile.
I have seen this on older versions on Sony PC Companion also with a Sony Ericsson mobile.

The issue is that my MixW RigExpert Tiny is keying every 30 seconds or so.
Completely impossible to have Sony PC Companion installed on the same PC that has Rig control connected via USB - since the PTT is keyed every 30 seconds.

I have reproduced the issue on a portable Win7 PC also, so it's for sure the issue.
Uninstalled Sony PC Companion, and the rig is not keyed unintentionally anymore.

Just a heads up...