onsdag 31. oktober 2012

QRV from Franklin, MA; FN42GC

QRV from Franklin as W1/LA7DHA/P - Residence Inn Boston, Franklin. I'm staying here for a week.
My antenna is an Par Electronics EF-10/20/40 MkII
I asked for a "high floor" and the room is in third floor at the back and many trees are situated close by.
So, getting the antenna up was pretty easy.
The antenna also survived the hurricane Sandy - luckily, Franklin was not hit that hard.
Working modes are mostly CW and JT65.
Using JT65 its easy working EU stations at 5Watts.
So far only CW contacts with US stations. Conditions are not very good in the evening and in the morning
I have a window between 06:00 - 08:45 every morning - and conditions on 20m is not acceptable before 07:00 local time.

The Palm 817 Paddle was very easy to mount.
Unbelievable nice to use. I'm used to the Bencher's, but for travel my heavy Bencher is not needed.

I have mounted the Palm Peg Leg Kit for the FT-817.
Clever invention!

fredag 5. oktober 2012

I´m active as OZ/LA7DHA/P
Royal Beer is the best :-)

So, this week I have worked about 20 stations around EU/US.
This, mostly at evenings - since daytime has passed by busy with the family.

I had a good copy/QSO with Steve - K4EU from VA.
This is a 6000km contact and so far the longest path for me using 5Watts.
It also helps a great deal when the operator in the other end is patience making the QSO possible!
It´s not easy in our noisy world(as I know it) to pick up distant dit´s and dot´s.

The FT-817 on a 5Ah power has done a great job via the 10meter Extended Double Zepp.
It seems like 30meter is interesting, so building a Zepp for 30 is absolutely one of my next projects.
The MFJ-949D is to big to bring around, so a MFJ-902H or MFJ-971 will be more suitable.
LDG Z-817H is also interesting as a automatic tuner.

I love my bencher, so I need to find something portable which is good "enough".

HamLog for i-products is very good and very easy to use for portable use.
HamLog will push the log into the cloud, so it can be synced to the other i-machines and can export to ADIF format. 

Suitcase for travelling is also a wish - and this seems suitable:

Both the Extended Zepp mounted very low over ground and the Mobile antenna mounted on the car is visible.