fredag 5. oktober 2012

I´m active as OZ/LA7DHA/P
Royal Beer is the best :-)

So, this week I have worked about 20 stations around EU/US.
This, mostly at evenings - since daytime has passed by busy with the family.

I had a good copy/QSO with Steve - K4EU from VA.
This is a 6000km contact and so far the longest path for me using 5Watts.
It also helps a great deal when the operator in the other end is patience making the QSO possible!
It´s not easy in our noisy world(as I know it) to pick up distant dit´s and dot´s.

The FT-817 on a 5Ah power has done a great job via the 10meter Extended Double Zepp.
It seems like 30meter is interesting, so building a Zepp for 30 is absolutely one of my next projects.
The MFJ-949D is to big to bring around, so a MFJ-902H or MFJ-971 will be more suitable.
LDG Z-817H is also interesting as a automatic tuner.

I love my bencher, so I need to find something portable which is good "enough".

HamLog for i-products is very good and very easy to use for portable use.
HamLog will push the log into the cloud, so it can be synced to the other i-machines and can export to ADIF format. 

Suitcase for travelling is also a wish - and this seems suitable:

Both the Extended Zepp mounted very low over ground and the Mobile antenna mounted on the car is visible.

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