onsdag 23. desember 2015

TS-830S line

Looks pretty good..

More than 110Watts on 80M..
Get about 90Watts on 10Meter on the AT-230 meter.
Tuner not calibrated..
QRV tomorrow.. Merry Xmas!

søndag 6. desember 2015

New Trap for W3DZZ..

Per Design.. should be good.. 

Adjusting.. First look:

More adjusting and securing the inductor...

Update - New Silver Mica's for the capacitors.

Got just fine!



fredag 4. desember 2015

Troubleshooting my 20-40 meter trap antenna..

I have borrowed a image from ON7EQ - Holiday trap antenna..


I'm using a 100pF capacitor and a inductor at about 1.02uH

At 14.061MHz the SWR is 10.62

Inductor 1 is 1.016uH and the other is 1.021uH

It resonates arount 8.1MHz but not at all around 14MHz..
Is it the wire, or is it the inductor...


I have adjusted the inductor..

We'll see what the difference it's going to make.
exciting... :-)

This is with 0.22mm² wire
1.94SWR at 8.251MHz and 2.61SWR at 26.451MHz
There is also a dip with 6.7SWR at 14.201MHz

This is with military grade wire
1.45SWR at 7.001MHz and 2.69SWR at 23.201MHz
Dips also with 6.99SWR at 13.401MHz


I found this... good shit:

I replaced the 100pF capacitors with premium grade silver mica capacitors.
I also took one turn of the Inductor. Ended up with 12T and 100pF.

That was it!

Building the antenna now... 

fredag 27. november 2015

DIY Solar panels..

Making 4 x Solar Cell - 1.12IMax/0.5V

To keep them in place while soldering..

So, about right regarding spec.

Done laminating.. 

torsdag 26. november 2015

fredag 20. november 2015

onsdag 18. november 2015

This years Christmas present - I'll pick it up in December..

TS-830s Line.
This is going to be nice -
Looking forward to it!

Monitor also..

What did the 1st floor hide.......

It's working great also!

Frequency counter needed.
I believe it's going to be a ChinaCounter... should do the work.

Already invested... 
Works great!

mandag 9. november 2015

DV4Mini USB..

So, I'm up and running with DV4Mini anc DV4Mini Control Center v1.61

I'm running it on a Raspberry Pi 2.
Working OK, but it seems like the Pre-build image for this is not surviving a Network outage.
If the WLAN is rebooted, the Pi 2 is available after the boot but DMR+ is not working anymore.

A few tips to configure Pi 2...

This is a automated script to configure x11vnc with access to Console :0 of the Pi:
wget http://goo.gl/MbfUEp -O isx11.sh
sudo bash isx11.sh

To change the resolution from VGA:
Configure resolution in /boot/config.txt

# uncomment if hdmi display is not detected and composite is being output

# uncomment to force a specific HDMI mode (this will force VGA)
This will set 1080p

Also, if you want to make sure to startup in correct mode after reboot, the DV4Mini config file is here:
DV4Mini config file on Raspberry:

My DMR radios are TYT DM-380 and a Hytera PD-365.
Both radios works perfect with DV4Mini USB.

lørdag 17. oktober 2015

Up - testing..

Testing new setup.
LA8VHF received OK. Not bad for a 13el.

Listening for scatter..

So, just my 15meter pole for the W3DZZ is missing now...

fredag 16. oktober 2015

New antenna configuration for the Winter......

I have just tuned up my new Cushcraft A13B2 for 2-meter use..

It came in pretty well..

Replacing... 4 x 8el InnovAntennas OWL-G/T.. 

The OWL's are not bad antennas, but my noise level is too high to work any EME here.
So, a "good enough" 2meter-beam is what i need.

torsdag 8. oktober 2015

Fox-1a Launch

Waiting for Launch - Atlas V from Vandenberg AFB CA
Hopefully Fox-1a will arrive safely into orbit.

Fox-1A Operation Frequencies include:
Beacon     145.980 MHz
Uplink      435.180 MHz FM
Downlink 145.980 MHz FM

Safe travel !!

Joining AMSAT..