mandag 20. mai 2019

Portable QO-100 setup

While I wait for the 20W Amp...

40cm dish. Modified Starcom SR-3602ACE twin LNB
I found this LNB to be the most sensitive and great for the purpose.

Works great.
100nF capacitor without removing the 25MHz crystal.
Then I feed stabilized frequency from mini Leo Bodnar.

POTY Patch Of The Year...

200mAh on receive for the SG-Labs transverter

1.03 Ah on TX

1W from FT-817nd. Probably to be adjusted down when PA is added. 
2 green led’s on the transverter is good! 😊
432.045 - 432.295 gives 2400.50 - 2400.300
432.190 in is roughly 10.489689GHz down