lørdag 26. januar 2019

SoftRock RX Ensemble II

Closing in now...
Done with the Band 2 BPF.
Band 3 now..

So, I have s old kit..
C18 was changed from 390pF to 330pF in 2016.
Have it here...

Will have to do...

onsdag 16. januar 2019

Working WSJT-X

It's impressive that any stations are heard through the noise..

We found 3 sources of noise at the local neighbour.
3 zones of downlight spots in their basement.
1 zone with about 8 spots in it is the worse one. There is one spot gone bad, so if we are lucky it is the driver for the bad spot which makes the noise.

So, the neighbour will come back to me - hopefully we can solve this issue.

søndag 6. januar 2019

5m more up in the air

6-meter antenna
5el 50-ohm 8.5 dBd pointed 180° 5° elevation

But noisy conditions from neighbours... :-(
I have 3 sources of noise. It is 50Hz noise, so probably a gas light starter x 2

Makes it impossible to work weak-signals from scatters or the moon..

torsdag 3. januar 2019

QRT. Pointing antennas south for RX

Many pings from DL1OBF

Many pings from Wilfried..

QRV both from JO59 and JP68.

Since I work 2 QTH's at the same time, I have to call with locator first so the Receiving station know which one is active.

Pretty good distance - 1973Km.... It's possible, Uli.

Weather: JP68:

Weather JO59:

And now.. 3 rigs.. 144, 50(JO59) and 50(JP68)

onsdag 2. januar 2019

2 sessions of WSJT-X 2.0

Running Both JO59 and JP68
Listening MSK144 on both QTH's @ 6-meter

The way to configure it:
@ shortcut, configure "target" to the needed radio configuration;
C:\WSJT\wsjtx20\bin\wsjtx.exe --rig-name=IC-9100

Not the best...
Neighbour came home - no RX in JO59 then..

tirsdag 1. januar 2019