onsdag 23. desember 2015

TS-830S line

Looks pretty good..

More than 110Watts on 80M..
Get about 90Watts on 10Meter on the AT-230 meter.
Tuner not calibrated..
QRV tomorrow.. Merry Xmas!

søndag 6. desember 2015

New Trap for W3DZZ..

Per Design.. should be good.. 

Adjusting.. First look:

More adjusting and securing the inductor...

Update - New Silver Mica's for the capacitors.

Got just fine!



fredag 4. desember 2015

Troubleshooting my 20-40 meter trap antenna..

I have borrowed a image from ON7EQ - Holiday trap antenna..


I'm using a 100pF capacitor and a inductor at about 1.02uH

At 14.061MHz the SWR is 10.62

Inductor 1 is 1.016uH and the other is 1.021uH

It resonates arount 8.1MHz but not at all around 14MHz..
Is it the wire, or is it the inductor...


I have adjusted the inductor..

We'll see what the difference it's going to make.
exciting... :-)

This is with 0.22mm² wire
1.94SWR at 8.251MHz and 2.61SWR at 26.451MHz
There is also a dip with 6.7SWR at 14.201MHz

This is with military grade wire
1.45SWR at 7.001MHz and 2.69SWR at 23.201MHz
Dips also with 6.99SWR at 13.401MHz


I found this... good shit:

I replaced the 100pF capacitors with premium grade silver mica capacitors.
I also took one turn of the Inductor. Ended up with 12T and 100pF.

That was it!

Building the antenna now...