tirsdag 20. februar 2018

Alexloop VS Buddipole

It was great conditions at 17-meter today.

I tuned up the Buddipole at 17-meter - also using the balun 1:2-setting.
This took the SWR down to 1.1.

Listening to FT8 at 18.100 there was not much difference between the two antennas.
The Alexloop was quiter on the band.
So, next is to setup the antennas in the garden when the 4 ft. of snow is melted away..

So, for working QRP at hotels - Alexloop is perfect.
Having a balcony some sort of - I would choose the Buddipole.
The Buddipole can take 100Watts+ but max 20W SSB through the Alexloop.

mandag 19. februar 2018

Playing with PSKReporter

Playing with PSK reporter at

It works very well to get info where you reach out in the world.

Running latest JTAlert with WSJT-X for FT8.
It works very well also.

The antenna is very bad in Lofoten.
So, I will be in Lofoten and work on the antennas in late april.
The gold is to get up a wire antenna and a 2-element yagi for 6-meter.
This should be good for working MS and ES at 6-meter when the season start.

I have not made a decision yet it if I will activate Lofoten - EU-076 during the RSGB IOTA contest this the summer.
I will see how the vacation days comes into play.. :-)

fredag 9. februar 2018

Hamcation 2018

In Orlando...
WX was good today, and the parking lot was packed.
I'm not sure if they got a new record, but probably >15k persons visited Hamcation 2018.

A small video showing the Central Florida Fairgrounds and Expo park Hamcation 2018

Bob in action..

lørdag 6. januar 2018

Beautiful day today,

Antenna to South East.
Nothing heard so far from 6O6O in Somalia.
My QTH is not the best to Africa... 

lørdag 2. desember 2017

Går greit dette - på sparebluss...

1.8Watt in... 600+ out...
Running with ALC - not kicked in yet :-)
The rig is an IC-756PROIII.
The AMP is great.
3 antennas active now - the 4th coming up.
The AMP just controls everything, so I don't have to worry/think about running the correct antenna for the operated band.

ALC is kicking in and limiting output at 750W on "low" setting

So - I can manually adjust the power from about 125W to 750W adjusting drive power.

torsdag 17. august 2017

Meteor Scatter on six

QRV on six.. 
Homemade 6m antenna. dk7zb design.
5el 50-Ohm with about 8,5 dBd 
Bad cable - so I'm going to WestFlex it when I have found permanent mount.
This is on JO59 QTH. I will make a 6-m antenna for JP68 later this year.

Some difference between WSJT-X and MSHV.
Running them in parallel.