VHF & up propagation

fredag 20. mars 2015

Solar Eclipse

I thought the Sun would block everything from the Moon... but No... :-)
EME works!

torsdag 19. mars 2015


Ca 30 minutter for å få opp antenne og laste ned Mail fra Winlink..
40-meter og 5 Watt fungerte supert idag...

søndag 15. mars 2015

Snært'n liten radio - Hytera PD365 DMR
"Ladet" og klar til Florida tur.

Har også det meste klart for å kjøre rundt i OZ og DL land.
ebay er fine greier.. 

FTM-400DE - som jeg begynner å få "grepet" på.
Scanner raskt, AMS, C4FM, APRS og stort RX-område.

FTM-400DE og IC-7100.
Yaesu skjermen er bedre - om mulig litt mindre følsom enn IC-7100.

 Heldigvis en C4FM repeater i Auto/Auto i nærheten.

Inntil at kameramikrofonen kommer, så har jeg "jukset" litt for å få lagt inn ett bilde..
FTM400_Prog.zip fikser det...  

Og årets første utepils...
Bare å nyte årstiden...

tirsdag 24. februar 2015

Portable station...

Portable station -
10-meter fiberglass mast and linked dipol is the antenna.. 

So nice!!! Again!! Local repeater destroying SSTV from ISS...

The local repeater at Follo is AGAIN destroying the SSTV reception from ISS.

søndag 15. februar 2015

Charging batteries after successful weekend

I had a few good contacts during the weekend.
Batteries didn't hold up as long as I thought.
Not too bad, but they have not been charged properly before my trip.
The LiPo held about 11.5V at start, and it's about 55% of total capacity.

So, Charging both my 2700mAh pack in the FT-817nd and my 5000mAh LiPo pack now.
Using internal charger in the radio - 2 x 12h at 110mAh charge.
Using an imax B6 LiPro charger at 1Ah for my 3S LiPo. Should take about 5h+

This is an original B6 charger.
I also have an B6 Copy. It does it ok, but in the end of the charge it pushes the voltage up to 4.23V.
This is 0.3V too much for LiPo max voltage. This is documented all over the net..
So, for emergency - no worries. There might be parameters in the charger to change to make it stop at 4.20V.

Temperature safety is important,
I have added a simple temperature sensor in the LiPo-Safe-charge bag to watch the temp.
I have also added it to our house surveillance with a alarm at 35C.
It should be no danger with only 1A charge. I like to start nice with new batteries, and ramp it up later.

Charging - 

Really unbalanced cells...
Charging didn't do better than this..

Do a balanced charge now, to see if it helps...
If not - going for discharging of the battery and then a new charge.

Is it hope... ?

No hope... !
I did a discharge..
No good - this one cell dropped below 3.5V after 2 hours..
So, this LiPo is no good!

After this discovery.. I got me 2 new batteries.
So, I now have 3 LiFe 13.2V batteries.
Ready for Field day! :-)

The biggest one is too powerful to bring on a plane(111Wh)
But, 2 x 55 Wh is ok - if 2 or more is travelling :-)

Next trip - FT-817nd with 2 x LiFe to FL in US... 

See you on the air!

lørdag 14. februar 2015

Testing my portable setup

Testing out my portable setup in Molde.
A few things need to be fixed.
Need more links on my dipole.. :-)
Need a better quality on my RG-174 cable and connectors.
MIL Spec is needed. Don't believe it is now...