onsdag 12. oktober 2016

søndag 9. oktober 2016

tirsdag 4. oktober 2016

"L" "C" and "S" not very active on the CW segment...

So, I'm not gonna work them on SSB.
They are very often represented and heard on SSB... 

No SSB here... only digi :-)

søndag 21. august 2016

SSA Portabel test contest

SMP contest today
CW only - 5 contacts at 80-meter
4 swedish stations and one norwegian.

Homemade Windom worked fine. 
QTH great - very low noise on 80 and 40-meter.

Used my antenna launcher to get the ends of the Windom up about 15m at both sides.

I used the backseat of my car as a shack.
A few raindrops fell, but good conds.

fredag 19. august 2016

5el 6-meter antenna up..

As planned it "dips" low in the band.
Driver is a bit too long, so I will adjust this later.. no worries.
Like it.. works - "waiting for conds" now..