søndag 22. mars 2020

To the south - south-west..

Drone flying.. 
Windy day... so some ghosting in the picture.. 

lørdag 29. februar 2020

Project 3D Design

Easy using TinkerCAD when I'm not used to create my own 3D-designs.

It's working..

Then it goes into Prusa slicer

And finally into the printer..

Antenna Inspection today..

Mosley Mini antenna check.. 

onsdag 12. februar 2020

Doing some sat mode

FUNcube-1 Dashbord receive today.
Icom IC-9100 via USB.

fredag 27. desember 2019

QRV from Lofoten Remote from Molde

Remote Rig

EU-076 Lofoten
End fed antenna, very bad...
The antenna is seen in the picture. Low over ground, Short and almost no counterpoise...

Nice WX in Molde, Romsdalen..